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The rains have finally arrived

Given the last decent rise in river levels was on the 27th June this year where we have all appreciated the nice summer weather, we have been patiently waiting what seems like a very long time to get any meaningful rain to refresh the river and give it a good clean. There have been a number of false dawns where weather forecasters have been suggesting we would get rain which alas seemed to always give the Grampians a bit of a body swerve. We noted that river levels are at a very low position which makes angling very difficult and does nothing for the salmon, where many have been waiting patiently down in Aberdeen, waiting for a rise in levels to get them up and running.

The loud staccato sound of heavy rain falling around 1 am this morning alerted this writer to the realisation that this was proper rain and what we have been looking for. Well it has continued off and on throughout the night and into this morning and is forecast to continue through the day. The Sepa gauges are showing rising levels in the upper catchment and on the Feugh and I expect the next few hours will see tributaries fill and discharge in the main stem of the river-providing the rain continues to fall in a good volume. Keep your eye out on the Ballogie Weather Station web link attached in the title which shows the timeline for this precipitation.

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