Fishing Report 24 August 2015


Sean Rennie, with a grilse from Park

There were 99 fish reported to FishDee last week. It was a bit of a disappointment to drop below 100 and, to be frank, we should be doing better. Conditions were good, on the whole, although the continued unsettled water levels and heavy peat stain, which has been with us for much of the past month, have not helped. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like a heavy peat stain in the river, it puts the fish off and a few of ghillies I chatted to over the weekend were of a similar view. Of course, if more fish had come in we would have caught more.

The higher water continues to frustrate the lower beats, which have seen fish bombing through the pools without pause. Altries picked up four and ghillie Kevin Fleming tells me they saw a good run going through early in the week, which would look at nothing. A drop in river levels might suit Altries and its near neighbours better. Fish were seen running throughout the week and the big question was where did they go? Lots were seen attempting the Falls of Feugh, which have been accessible to the fish for long periods this summer and many others still seem to be heading to the upper river, which is not noted for fresh run fish this late in the year.

Park held a Junior Day on Saturday and Sean Rennie was delighted to hook and land a grilse in the Durris Stream. The rest of the group had a fantastic day on the beat, courtesy of William Foster of Park Fishing. The group were well looked after throughout the day by Head Ghillie Keith Cromar and casting instructor Gary Scott. They finished with a total of 23 for the week, with a few good salmon among the grilse. Ian Simpson from Hampshire had a real beauty of 18lb from Bakebeare.


Sean, playing his grilse in the Durris Stream

Lower Crathes had a slow week with just six fish landed. Four of these fell to Richard Harris and two to Vic Abbot.

At Cairnton and Middle Blackhall the rods landed two salmon and three grilse, the best of which was a 12lbr from Kelpie for Matthew Hind on a Flamethrower, and netted by Matthew’s 10yo son Sam. What a wonderful experience for them to share. John Webb had a 10lbr from the Cottage on an Ally’s, while Howard Walton had a couple of grilse from the Cottage on a Cascade variant. Jim Cowper had a 4lb grilse in the Upper Ferroch on a small Dee Sheep.

Commonty, which was the scene of some major river works when the croys at Suicide and Otter Trap were removed last week, managed to land five. The other Ballogie beats picked away with five at Carlogie and four at Ballogie.

Will Peake and Sam Thompson had both of Aboyne Castle’s fish and several more were lost. The fish are still super fresh up there as they continue to run hard for the  upper river. Will tells me a deeply fished Red Frances was getting all the attention.


River levels are good, still a bit up and down for my liking and the peat stain just won’t shift. We will have more rain on Monday and a different points throughout the week, so we will have more of the same. A good run of fish trumps all but extreme conditions, so fish for the daft ones!

That said, the peat stain in the river will be enough to put many residents in the pools off the take. Where there are pods of fresh fish we will pick a few up, but they too may go off in the dark water. If we get good runs in this week, it is less of an issue. From a tactical point of view, a Red Frances fished deep might well persuade a few of our more reluctant fish to take. If they won’t come up-go down. The floating line, tip and a long tailed fly such as the Ally’s and Flamethrower will be the main line of attack on many beats and will account for most of the fresh fish landed. As ever, listen to your ghillie!

If you have not seen it already, please have a look at the August FishDee newsletter

Tight lines.
Ross Macdonald

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