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Fishing Report 17 August 2015

fishing banchory

Perfect water at Banchory

There were 128 fish reported to FishDee last week. A slight dip from the previous week, but with some dirty water on Tuesday and a rising river on Saturday, it was a reasonable tally. We are still not hitting the high notes yet; nonetheless sport has been steady if unspectacular. The continued good water levels has certainly spread the fish out and the upper river is still fishing for liced salmon and grilse. These fish have not been hanging about in the lower beats, a fact reflected in the composition of the catch.

They lingered long enough below Banchory for Park to pick up 20 with the south bank doing slightly better than the north. There was the usual mix of salmon and grilse with some of the salmon in mint condition- looking more like springers than summer fish. Among the successful rods were Park regular Andy Forbes who had a 12lbr on Saturday. Derek Mennie from Aberdeen also picked a fish on Saturday. Terry Wood had her first Dee fish while Andy Crawford, Kenny Thom and Kevin Dowes and Andrew Duncan also landed fish, Roy McLone and his fishing partner did well on the south bank.

Lower Crathes and West Durris had two parties last week. Mr MacDougall’s part had two for their three days and were hampered somewhat by the water on Tuesday. Jim MacDougall had one of them and Mr Rosenburgh the other. Paul West’s party had 9-three for Paul, two apiece for sons Pete and Richard and two for Mr Inglesfield. The fish were an almost even split of salmon and grilse.

Robert Paterson took a day rod at Little Blackhall and Inchmarlo and was rewarded with a couple of fish. Ghillie Martin had a cast when it was quiet and picked up four, so well worth checking availability.

Ian Ogden’s party returned to Cairnton where the sport slowed somewhat on the previous week with four fish landed. Stewart Henderson had a salmon and the rest of the fish were grilse, with several more falling off at the net. Cascades and Flamethrowers did the damage. Across the river at Upper Blackhall Tony Donnelly got his week off to a good start with two fish on Monday morning. The first, 10lb in Upper Ferroch and the second a 6lbr from the Corner Pool. Jason Walls had a grilse from Big Girnel on Tuesday as the water came up putting an end to the fishing for the day. Partick Gray had a 10lbr and Tony Donnelly picked up his third of the week on Wednesday. Raymond Sinclair landed the the sixth of the week from the Corner Pool.

17 year old Jost Meyer from Germany enjoyed a week’s work experience on Dinnet and Aboyne Castle and was rewarded with his first Scottish fish, a 12lbr from Crofts. Andrew Butts had three and Edward Pettifer had one of 12lb. Ghillie Will Peake also picked up a fish.

Crathie had nine for the week, including five for Annie Woodsend. Mrs ‘C’, who is still fishing at 94 years of age, lost a very big fish in Polmonier after a 20 min struggle. The fish were a mix of fresh grilse and some residents that had been in the water for two to three weeks.


River levels remain at a good fishing height. We have had good river levels this season and have at no point struggled with low water. The only gripe is the regular fluctuations in levels, which will continue this week. We are due heavy rain on Tuesday in the upper reaches, which will no doubt cause the river to rise midweek. The air temperature will be in the 16 to 20 degrees range and rain aside we should have pleasant conditions.

At this time of year we get a peat stain in the river following a good rise in water, so Ally’s, Cascades, Flamethrowers and similar long tail flies will work well. When there is a stronger push of water the Franc N Snaelda fished deep will also prove worthwhile. As ever, listen to your ghillie!

Tight lines.
Ross Macdonald

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