Fishing Report 10 August 2015

There were 136 fish reported to the FishDee website last week. Its our best week so far, but I would be much happier if we were a good deal closer to 200! We continue to have excellent water levels, the flip side has been an unsettled river for much of the week- as one angler told me, it was up and down like a fiddler’s elbow. The grilse have showed up this year after a couple of years of very poor runs. Reports up and down the river are of good quality, hard fighting, acrobatic fish. There were some good salmon among them; a number I heard of were about 15lb and Altries and Kincardine each had one of 20lb. The fish are still running hard through the lower river, which comes as no surprise given the almost perfect running conditions.

Jim Thompson of Banchory Rotary Club organised an event on the river for Rotarians from around Scotland. Forty particpants, most of the them new to the Dee, including several novices, enjoyed a fantastic week fishing the river on Little Blackhall and Inchmarlo, Lower Blackhall and Kinneskie, Banchory, Invery and Tilquillie. The group had an enjoyable week, with good sport and we look forward to welcoming them back to Deeside.

Dee regular, Charles Jeffery enjoyed the company of Jason Gaccione, a restaurateur from Milan and his friends Alberto and Enrico. Jason landed his first ever salmon, weighing 14lbs. Alberto also had a fish of 7lb. Of course, Charles himself was in on the action with a liced 15lbr from the Boat Pool on the ever reliable Gold Willie Gunn. I believe the lunch at Crathes was quite exceptional and as ever ghillie Brian Sim kept everyone in good spirits.

Banchory had the best of it with 25 for the week. Stephen Paterson dropped me a line about a productive three days on the beat.

‘Having sat on the seat outside the Banchory lodge hotel many times over the last 20 years and basically drooling over getting to fish this beat I finally managed it! Fishing with Stuart Yeats and friends Mon to Wed we had a fantastic time landing 18 salmon and the amount we lost was into double figures! Most of the grilse landed were sea liced and we also saw a lot of fish running! After the season the Dee is having it was a change to have some good news to report and hopefully the rest of the season continues on this note! Already looking forward to fishing there next year!’

Stuart, who landed 9 grilse to his own rod, also got in touch.

‘We all had a great time and well looked after by Alan. The personal highlight for me was that my nephew Kieran Yeats came out with us on Wednesday and witnessed first hand just what the Dee has to offer. Having never caught a Salmon before the look of excitement on his face being involved netting 4 grilse before lunch brought back old memories of when it all began for myself all those years ago. He certainly has got the fly fishing bug and hopefully a future generation Salmon angler.’

Cairnton & Middle Blackhall had 3 salmon and 10 grilse for the week. It was a pleasure to meet Allan Gowers from Harwich who landed three liced fish in a couple of hours- two grilse and a beauty of 15lb in the Rockheads, all on a size 10 Cascade. Cairnton regular Graeme Caton also landed three licers on a size 10 Ally’s Shrimp. John Walne from Harrogate also had three grilse for his three days and all on size 7 Flamethrowers.

Upstream at Aboyne Castle, Sian Richardson landed her first ever salmon from Tanar Mouth on Friday- a fresh fish of 5lb followed by her second grilse of 3lb on the Saturday. Well done Sian! Husband Brian had a 10lbr from Tanar Mouth on Friday evening.

Clie Miles fished Aboyne Water with hosts Geoff and Lesley Locket and tells me they enjoyed a wonderful family holiday on Deeside. They had 4 grilse which fell to the Sunray Shadow in Jetty, a Black and Yellow Tube in Irrigation, a Willie Gunn in Lummels and a Park Shrimp in the neck of Lummels.


Water levels remain good the forecasts suggests more settled conditions for the week ahead. Air temperatures will be up to 20 degrees and the forecast suggest we will have good cloud cover. The river has been carrying a peat stain for the past few weeks, which will clear as the river drops. We may get we get more rain at the end of the week. Long tailed flies have been working well and the Ally’s, Cascades, Park Shrimps and Flamethrowers are all ideal. The Red Frances is also a deadly pattern, fished deep. As the water clears it might be an idea to try the Silver Stoat and Munro. As ever, listen to your ghillie!

Tight lines.

Ross Macdonald

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  1. Great stuff Ross, sounds really good summer fishing. Hope you are getting out yourself. Henry

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