Fishing Report 27 July 2015


David Dick, with a 8lb fish from Aboyne Castle
There were 88 fish reported to FishDee last week. This was a step in the right direction as it is always heartening to know the rods are getting some sport. It is a start and we really need to see this as a foundation to build on this week. Banchory has started to pick up and in addition to the 18 they landed, there were several more lost. I would like to have seen more action on the lower beats, which should really be getting into full swing as we enter the last week of July. Conditions have been good; water levels have been kind to us and I am hopeful for more action this week.

Derek Weston had a couple at Middle Drum, also losing a big one at the net. Ghillie Shane Christie tells me there are a few residents in the pools now.

Lower Crathes had 6 with fish for Malcolm Tocher who had a 5lb grilse and one of 8lb for Mr Crawshaw and one of 7lb for Mr Brown. All the fish were liced.

Cairnton and Middle Blackhall had 8 for the week, including three on Monday for Gordon Robinson from the Royal Berkshire Shooting School. Gordon landed 3 liced fish from the Cairnton bank, a 15lb and 3.5lb in the Middle Ferroch followed up by an 8lbr in the Malt Steep in the afternoon. Another two were landed, one 9lbr in the Grey Mare and another of 11lb in Sandy Bay, all on size 8 Ally’s Shrimps. Things quietened off, with a few fish on and off but not sticking.

John Lewis landed a nice 11lb fish in the Rockheads, Middle Blackhall bank on Friday on a size 10 Willie Gunn. On Saturday Andy Ashcroft landed a lovely liced 9lb fish in the Grey Mare and Graham Reid landed an 8lb licer from the same pool.

Across the river Upper Blackhall produced two for the week. Christian Melville got a 5lb liced fish from the Corner Pool and Richard de Klee landed a lovely fish of about 10lb from the Ferrochs.

Ballogie picked away with 6, landing one most days. Carlogie managed four.

Phillip Wood got a lovely fish of about 11lb from Dess on Wednesday, the other two fish were taken by Eoin Smith. David Dick landed an 8lb fish on Aboyne Castle on Tuesday.

Cambus had a grilse with long tailed lice on it at the beginning of the week. That fish must have been motoring!

Good news this week that Scottish Government are looking to introduce new regulations on the killing of salmon via a licence to kill. Their proposals can be broadly summarised as:

There will be a ban on the killing of all salmon outside of estuary limits. In essence this will prohibit the operation of coastal nets.

For fresh and tidal waters to the estuary limit the killing of salmon will only be allowed under licence and this will only be when there is a clear harvestable surplus. It is the Government’s intention that proprietors will apply to them directly for a licence to kill fish.

A carcass tagging system will be introduced and all killed fish will need to be tagged.

Whilst these regulations will add another layer of bureaucracy they will stop fish being killed along the coast- perhaps a small price to pay for allowing more fish to survive and spawn. In addition the carcass tagging will make it more difficult for poachers to launder their fish. Whilst this will not cure all of the issues that salmon face it is a step in the right direction.

It’s not been much of a summer for non-fishers. For those of us that enjoy a cast, the weather has been good- plenty of cloud and rain! We will have more heavy rain this week- the forecast suggests Tuesday with lighter showers later in the week. All in all, good news- unless of course we get one of those major spates. Air temperatures will be in the mid teens. The wind will be northerly, swinging south as the week progresses.

Tactics will be the floating line with an assortment of tips. With a bit of colour in the water, the Allys is still a wonderful fish catcher, so be sure to have a few. Other long tailed flies with a bit of colour might include the Flamethrower, Ghillie and Calvin’s Shrimp. Of course the small dark flies will be always find favour among Dee anglers, so the Silver Stoat and Crathie are important patterns to have to hand.

Tight lines.
Ross Macdonald

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