Fishing Report 13 July 2015

0 A damaged grilse by Pat from Polmonier

Pat Saville with a fresh grilse from Crathie

Dee Beat 13 July 2015

Fishing Report

There were 42 fish and 32 sea trout reported to FishDee last week. Its an improvement on the previous week, which is very welcome, with some fresh grilse appearing and running hard. Conditions were good on the whole; we had a heavy stain in the water at times, but levels and overhead conditions were good throughout the week. The numbers tell part of the story, but angling pressure has an impact too and as more rods get out as summer progresses I am sure we will see a corresponding upturn in the catch.

We should see grilse in more numbers from this point on and more action from Banchory downstream. It has been a difficult year and the mood has been sombre, but I am sure a few more of these fresh fish will encourage the rods on the lower river. As the older ghillies say you need to ‘keep a flee in the water’ to have a chance.

A case in point is Park’s three fish on Saturday, which showed the truth of the adage about being in the right place at the right time. John Pinder showed us how its done when he had 3 in twenty minutes from Coopers on a small Cascade. Two were grilse and one was a sea liced 9lbr. Funnily enough I had been speaking to ghillie Keith Cromar a week or two back and he was explaining how good Coopers was when the water dropped in summer.

It was a pleasure to meet Alex Buchan at Cairnton and Middle Blackhall on Thursday. Alex, who usually reads the FishDee report in Sydney, Australia, had a nice fish of 8lb from the Cottage on a size 6 Cascade. It was also good to catch up with local rod Andy Ashcroft, who also managed a liced grilse from Rockheads on a small Ally’s. Graham Reid also had a fish on the Cascade from Upper Ferroch.

Phillip Wood fished at Waterside and Ferrar last week and worked hard for just one sea trout of 3lb. After toiling with the full floater his friend John Forsyth switched to a slow tip ad a copper Monkey and was rewarded with a 12lbr from Upper Kirks.

We had a first fish at Aboyne Castle for Rhiane Richardson who landed a 10lbr from Symonds. George Murray got 3 of the five at Craigendinnie last week – 5lb from Tanar Mouth and two 8lbrs from Plantation and Jocky Fyfe. Dinnet and Deecastle shared 5 last week including a 5lbr from Bruiach for Mike Stevenson.

I was delighted to see Tommy and Pat Saville back on the river last week. Tommy, among many other claims to fame, invented the Crathie fly, which remains one our most popular summer flies on the Dee. At the age of 90 he still enjoys his trips to the Dee at Crathie where he and Pat continue to take fish on their wonderful wee fly. Pat managed three grilse, with lice just off their backs. Pat also hooked a large fish in McLaren’s, which (and keep this to yourselves) Tommy managed to lose 20 mins later. It had leapt about, which suggested it was not well hooked. Losing a big fish after that long is a hard one to take. The small flies, which are common on the river, can often be buried in the jaw, but at times they just don’t have enough grip. There again, its not as if larger hooks are infallible! Pete Skelton also managed a couple and Archie Hay and Stuart Walker picked up a couple of grilse on Saturday on a small Ally’s. These grilse are traveling fast, as early grilse often do, and Archie has been checking them all for lice.

0 Pat's grilse at McLaren

Pat Saville with another grilse from Crathie.


Conditions will be good all week, so when the fish come in we will have a very good chance of sport. Water levels are ideal and overhead conditions will be good all week with good cloud cover and a touch of rain as the week progresses. We have some bigger tides this week, so any fish that are on their way will have perfect conditions for running the river.

The floating line and wee fly remains the favourite combination. The Silver Stoat and Crathie, are the most popular of these. When wehave a touh of colour in the water the Ally’s is still a deadly fly for fresh fish as is Ally Gowans’ other fantastic creation, the Cascade. For fishing a bit deeper, Frances and Franc N Snaelda will be well worth a cast. When the grilse are in the streamy water a Sunray can bring spectacular sport. As ever, listen to your ghillie

Tight lines.
Ross Macdonald

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