Fishing Report 8 June 2015

Fishing Report 8 June 2015

There were 42 fish and 81 seatrout reported to the FishDee website for the week ending 6 June. We had a rise in water levels on Tuesday, which augured well yet failed to deliver. Thursday was the best day with 14. The wind was a pain in the proverbial all week and made life difficult for the rods. While it was another poor return for us it was encouraging that a number of rods I spoke to enjoyed their time on Deeside. There was plenty of gallows humour of course, and obvious heartfelt concern but it was refreshing to hear long standing Dee anglers remain committed to the river and I hope they get their reward. Other rods are, understandably, less enamoured. We have to stay positive though and once we get a change in our fortune I hope to see them back on the river, doing what they love best.

The sea trout catch spiked last week with Banchory landing 25. That is due in large part to Neil Stephenson and Lawrence Hunt’s nocturnal adventures. Up at Ballogie, ghillie Sean Stanton was picking up sea trout on hitched tubes and Bombers. While not as productive as fishing deep, Sean tells me getting them on the surface is a very exciting method.

At Lower Crathes ghillie Robert Harper reports just 3 for the week, including a liced 12lber for Roger Bradley and fresh grilse for Paul West and David Crawshaw. Eddie Allan picked up a 6lber at Lower Blackhall and Kinneskie, while Lawrence Ross managed a brace, also 6lb. Tweed ghillie Jack Melrose had a sea trout for his day as a guest of Mr Ross. Andrew Wright picked up a salmon and three sea trout at Invery at the end of the week

At Upper Blackhall the Mitchell party enjoyed their week with ghillie Raymond Sinclair. Mr Mitchell had a couple of very good sea trout to 4lb early in the week accompanied by a fresh grilse of 4lb. Mrs Mitchell had a nice sea trout to her own rod, while their guest Mrs Dhileas Lukas had a 4lb sea trout topped off with a fantastic 20lb fish on Friday. Mr Mitchell finished things off with a liced 7lber on Saturday evening.


The Goodchild party were back on the river at Kincardine and fished with great enthusiasm throughout the week landing a couple of very fresh about 6-7lbs. They also landed a few seat rout up to 4lb. Ghillie John McGinlay tells me the quality of the sea trout has been exceptional.

At Dinnet. Lucy Jones landed two fish on Monday from Pol Slachd. The first was a spit fresh 11lber on a Crathie and the other, a grilse took a conehead Frances. On Tuesday, when the river rose, they hooked 8 fish landing only one of them, a 9lb bar of silver from Sandy Bay for Simon Jones from Wales. Caroline Habershon had a 7lber from Lower Bobby from the Deecastle bank on a Cascade. Stephen Mulligan landed two, one from Logie at 8lb and one of 11lb from Bruiach.



All in all conditions will be favourable for the week ahead. We will have a warmer week this week- at last- with 20 degrees forecast at Dinnet midweek. The wind, which has been a pain recently will swing about and will mostly be from the east, where it will veer north and south at times.

River levels are good following a rise last week, so we should have good floating line conditions and the usual small hairwings will work. These include Editor, Crathie, Silver Stoat, Arndilly Fancy and Munro’s Killer and various shrimp style flies such as Red Francis, Franc N Snaelda, Cascade, Flamethrowers and Park Shrimp.  Of course it always pays to mix it up, so why not try a hitched tube? As ever, listen to your ghillie.

Tight Lines

Ross Macdonald

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