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Fishing Report 9 March 2015


Crathes ghillie Brian Sim, unhooks Ian Ross’s 7lber

The fishing week to 7 March finished with 20 fish reported to FishDee. While the numbers are not what they should be yet, there were signs of encouragement. On the lower river Tilbouries and Middle Drum got off the mark and I have received a few reports of fish moving towards the end of the week.

Monday got off to a reasonable start with seven in the book. The upper river began its season and there were fish taken at Craigendinnie, Deecastle and Waterside and Ferrar. Dinnet also got off the mark on Friday with a springer for Jan Christersson on a Monkey.

Down at Crathes there was a lovely 7lb fish for Ian Ross and a real beauty of 24lb for John Laurie on a Dee Fox. We dont have pictures of the fish, but ghillie Brian Sim told me it was as a fantastic looking springer- deep and broad. Simon Nilsson, of LAXA-A, landed a lovely looking sea liced 11lber at Lower Crathes on Monday, on a Park Shrimp. Geoff Fisher picked up three fish from Thursday to Saturday and Maurice McBride got one on Friday. Lower Blackhall and Kinneskie picked up a fish on Friday- a 7lber from Sandy Haven taken on a Monkey.

Kincardine picked up two for the week. Bill Sandford had a 6lber on Wednesday, with the lice just off and Alan Gowers had a lovely wee fish of 7lb on Friday.

Tuesday delivered just one fish, an 8lber, which fell to local rod Andy Ashcroft at Cairnton & Middle Blackhall. Andy, who is a very good angler, followed this up with another on Saturday. Both fish took a Gold Willie Gunn.

The lower river has struggled and so it was heartening to hear from Shane Christie at Middle Drum that Graeme Forsyth had landed their first of the season on the ever reliable Gold Willie Gunn. Mads Pederson, who has taken over the reins at Tilbouries was a picture of delight after landing Tilbouries’ first of the year, a 7lber from the tail of the Lawson on a Monkey. The Lawson is often held to be one of the best high water pools on the river and delivered on Saturday with the river on the rise. A relieved Mads told me he had never shaken so much landing a 7lber! Tilbouries is hosting an open day at on 21 March, where Mads will be demonstrating Scandi casting styles, and sunk line fishing techniques. If you would like to come along, give him a buzz on 07527 307680.



Jan Christersson with Dinnet’s first of the season

River levels are excellent, snow melt aside, which may affect things, we will have good water conditions this week. Daytime air temperatures will vary from 5-10 degrees, depending where on the rive you are. The wind will be from the West and South West. It’s going to be windy, up to 27mph so protect your eyes. There is nothing like a 1″ tube in the head to remind us of safety. Also expect a bit of sleet and rain. With reports of fish being seen from a number of ghillies, there is some optimism for the week ahead.
The Monkey, Black and Yellow and Willie Gunn and Monkey remain the go to flies at the moment, fished deep and slow. Also give the Franc N Snaelda and Park Shrimp a swim. Line choice will be the usual mix of slow sinkers, intermediates and multi-tips will be to the fore. As ever, listen to your ghillie!

Tight Lines

Ross Macdonald
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Fishing Report 3 March 2015


A chuffed Derek Wiseman with his 22lb Dee springer from Lower Crathes

There were 22 fish reported to FishDee for the last week of February, which ended with 93 fish. It is far from the start any of us had hoped for. The figures speak from themselves and we need a boost soon. I had several messages from anglers last week and I am grateful for their continued support of the river; others are less than happy, which is entirely understandable and I share their sense of disappointment. Yet, we press on; the upper river opens this week so let’s hope for an upturn in our fortunes.

Local rod, and a very good angler too it must be said, John Fyfe, picked up at liced 10lber from Pantoch on Tilquhillie on a Willie Gunn on Wednesday. ‘I fished Floating Bank first thing, preferring to let the sun touch the Pantoch before fishing it. I was a bit disappointed to fish right through to the tail of Floating Bank without a touch, but waiting for the sun to come on to the Pantoch seemed to work as I had a sealiced 10 pounder from up in the top part of the pool, just perfect….. I fished all the way down as far as the bank was cleared and was surprised not to touch anything else, it’s a lovely cast all the way down there.’

Derek Wiseman picked a 22lb fish at Lower Crathes and West Durris, an absolute cracker of a springer. The beat finished with 3 for the week, with Jonathon Howitt and Paul West picking up fish of 7lb and 15lb respectively.

I bumped into Andrew Blundell on the river bank this week. Andrew had fished hard all week at Little Blackhall and Inchmarlo and Lower Blackhall and Kinneskie and was rewarded with a 10lb fish from Sandy Haven on Saturday. Alan Maughan’s party fished their usual three days at Little Blackhall and Inchmarlo and had three in one day on Tuesday. At Carinton Lee Craig from Carham on the Tweed caught a small springer from Sandy Bay. Upper Blackhall’s only fish of the week was a 13lber, which fell to Pete Scarrott.

It was good to see Sluie get off the mark with a couple of springers including a liced fish on Saturday.

Ballogie had six for the week. Three of these fell to ghillie Sean Stanton, on a Franc N Snaelda. Tim Sperring had two for his week and Ade Warburton had an 8lber from the Burn of Angels. Ballogie rods started seeing running fish towards the end of the week, the first time any had been seen moving through the beat.

Tight Lines for the coming week.

Ross Macdonald

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