A Passion Shared

One of the great pleasures of my job as the Dee Fisheries Development Officer,  is the opportunity it gives me to share my love of fishing with others. Fishing has been a part of my life since I was a toddler and I have vivid memories of being with my father when he caught a salmon in the early 1970s. It stands out in my mind to this day and I can still sense the excitement of it all.  After that I spent a lot of time out and about with him, usually fishing for wild brown trout with a worm or spinning  for finnock .  We fished together until his passing in 2013 and one of the comforts I take from it is that I know the time we had together was well spent. I am doing the same now with my own son and daughter. There is something about fishing that draws us closer; a lot passes between us when on the river or loch, even when little is actually said.


I remain fascinated by lochs and rivers and  by the stunning natural environment we have all around us. We are fortunate here on Deeside, we are surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere. I defy anyone to drive up the valley and not be struck by the wonder of it all. We are also blessed as anglers. The Dee is one of the great salmon rivers of the world and the people in and around Deeside have been at the heart of angling development since Victorian times.  It is a special place.


One of my roles is to attract new people into angling.  If the sport is to flourish in the future we need to attract a new generation of anglers.  Fishing  is for all ages and while attracting young people is crucial, it is just as important to do what we can to welcome adults into fishing as well.  Last August we held  our first Introduction to Salmon Fishing course at Invery and Tilquhillie. Ten new and recently new anglers enjoyed first class instruction and guidance from casting instructor  Gary Scott and ghillie, Karl Revel. The group had great fun as Gary led them through the various casts and shared his knowledge on tackle, fly choice and watercraft.  I know for certain that a few of the participants are now firmly hooked. We will be repeating this in 2015 and all being well should run two or three events.

Intro to Salmon Fishing 2 Aug 2014 Gary3


My colleagues at  the River Dee Trust also run a programme for school children. Each year IntroDee works with around 300 children and helps them learn about the river and the role it plays in our community. The children also have the opportunity to try fly fishing at Raemoir  Trout Fishery, which support this free of charge. I have been invloved in a few of these and they are tremendous fun- and not just for the kids.  Raemoir is an excellent facility for anyone thinking of trying fishing for the first time. It is very welcoming and is ideal for youngsters and experienced anglers alike.


Fisheries such as Raemoir are an important part of the angling infrastructure on Deeside. For many of us salmon fishing is not the starting point of our journey into fishing and we usually start by fishing for other species such as Brown and Rainbow Trout.  There are a number of exceptionally good and well run trout fisheries in the Dee Valley that are an excellent starting point for anyone taking their first steps into angling.


These fisheries are almost tailor made for new participants.  Most offer reasonable rates including tackle hire and are there are toilet facilities and refreshments available- which as any parent knows is half the battle. Most importantly these fisheries represent the first real opportunity to experience the simple joy of catching a fish.




For anyone that is thinking of starting angling, I am always available to offer support whether it be about where to fish or what tackle you might require. I look forward to hearing from you very soon.


Trout Fisheries on Deeside



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Tullich Fishery, Ballater

013397 55648 or 0771 5278419



Ross Macdonald





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