Fishing Report 18 August 2014

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There were 179 fish reported to FishDee last week. Following Monday’s flood, which was awe inspiring at close quarters, the river settled back quite quickly. Tuesday produced four fish despite the conditions, but things really got going on Wednesday with 48 fish in the book followed by 45 on Thursday with the same again on Friday. The week finished with 37 on Saturday giving us our best week of the year by some distance. It was heartening to hear the buzz up and down the valley as rods and ghillies bent rods and wet nets. There was a mix of fresh fish, especially lower down, and residents that came on the take following the flood.

Congratulations to Maisie Stanton, daughter of Ballogie ghillie Sean. Maisie, who is just 9 years old, caught her first salmon on Wednesday, a 5lb grilse from Bulwarks and and followed it up on Thursday with a cracker of 13lb from Lower Inchbare. Sounds like we will be hearing more from Maisie in the future!

The most amusing story of the week was the rescue of a fish that had been stranded as the water dropped back. Keith Cromar and Bert Webster the Park ghillies, with no thought for their own safety, returned a distressed flounder to the river.

A good week on the river certainly swells my inbox and its always a pleasure to hear from happy anglers with a few fish under their belts.

Dear Ross
Just returned home from a week on the Dee. Following the impact of Bertha, which as you know pushed the water levels to over 10 feet in places, my brother and I were somewhat downhearted by prospects at the start of the week, however things did improve and we both managed 2 fish and a sea trout from Craigendinnie and Commonty respectively. I was lucky enough that one of mine was the “fish of a lifetime”, taken on Wednesday evening, fishing a 2′ copper Monkey on the Lorne Pool at Craigendinnie. Whilst he was an ugly brute, it made my week! We put the fish at over 20lbs but, having shown the photographs to two ghillies, we think it may be closer to the 25lb mark. Looking forward to next year already!
Kind regards,
Rob and Tim Larkman

Hi Ross,
I’ve just returned from a superb “week” on Park. Sadly the week was only 4 days long due to the epic flood on the Monday and Tuesday. The remaining days, however, easily made up for the disappointment of having to wait an extra 48 hours to get going.

I was very fortunate to tangle with 11 fish during my week, all but one of which were as fresh as paint. It also included a new PB for me at 15lbs, although if Keith Cromar (head ghillie) had said 20lbs I would have believed him – in my eyes it was huge! The fight in Castleton pool was something else, at one point we watched 20 yards of shooting head, 40 yards of running line and another 30 yards of backing disappear across the river. Even Keith at this point remarked that it was “starting to get a bit silly now”. Eventually the pressure told, before the rod, hook hold, leader or my nerve gave way. After a couple of quick photos the fish was safely returned. All in all a great week: excellent fly water, good company, top quality advice/guidance from the Ghillies and some sparkling fish! I’m already hatching devious plans for a return visit.

I attach a couple of photos of the big fish, and a photo of another very memorable 10lb fish I caught in The Park Inn Pool at the top of the beat.

Regards Oli Watkins.


I am optimistic for good sport this week. River levels will be favourable (let’s just hope mother nature keeps a lid on it). There are showers forecast throughout the week and these will keep the river up. The river was rising again on Monday morning, so we may have unsettled water conditions at different times. The air temperature will be up to 15 degrees and the wind will be from the north west up to 15mph.
With higher water levels a mix of sink tips and intermediate lines will be required in addition to the floating line. High water will benefit some pools more than others so be prepared to change tactics and heed the advice of the ghillies. Some rods were doing well last week in high water with just an intermediate tip and a size 9 fly as the river cleared.
Flies to try might include Red Francis, Willie Gunn, Franc N Snaeldas, Ally’s, Cascades, Park Shrimps, Flamethrowers and Monkeys.

Please send your stories, photos and anecdotes to me at I am always keen to hear from anglers directly.
Tight lines for the coming week
Ross Macdonald


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