Fishing Report 28 July 2014

There were 9 fish reported to FishDee last week. Our poor season continues and I can only express my gratitude to our loyal anglers who travel from far and wide to fish the Dee. In a similar vein I must also acknowledge the ghillies who have been doing their utmost for their guests throughout this difficult year. I know how trying it has been.

Conditions were against us with low water levels, offset by small and short lived rises, and high water temperatures reaching the mid 60s in the mornings and so it was always going to be a trying week. That said, we should be seeing and catching more fish.

It is clear there has been a widespread failure of fish returning to our rivers. Don’t take my word for it-look around. It is a worrying trend that has been felt beyond Scotland. While we all strive to produce more fish, if they are not coming back then we are really up against it- all of us.

The health of the river is important to us all and if you want to find out more about stocks on the Dee, you will find the relevant information here.

It looks like it is going to be hot and sunny again this week, but with showers coming later in the week. I suppose we should be grateful for the small top ups we have been getting, although we really need a spate that will bring trees and dead sheep floating down the river.

Air temperatures will rise to 22 degrees The wind will be from the south and west. Fishing very early and again into the dusk will provide the best chance of a fish.

The usual floating line tactics remain the first line of attack. The standard hairwings dressed on the smallest hooks, micro tubes and hitched tubes could be worth a try. Dressings should include Executioner, Silver Stoat, Crathie, Munro’s Killer and Yellow Stoat. Might also be worth trying the Frances.

Please send your stories, photos and anecdotes to me at I am always keen to hear from anglers directly.

Tight lines for the coming week
Ross Macdonald


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