Fishing Report 14 July

There were 45 fish and 31 sea trout reported by FishDee beats last week. It was a difficult week as we again worked very hard for our fish. The week kicked off with 7 on Monday, and Tuesday’s 17 gave some cause for optimism, but it never materialised. We had 10 on Wednesday, 5 on Thursday and just 1 on Friday. Saturday finished with 5. It was hard going for the rods. Low water and blazing sunshine may have contributed, as might the rising water temperature, but sea liced fish tend not to adhere to salmon fishing orthodoxy and if a few more of them were about we would have caught them. The rods continued to work hard, fishing antisocial hours in an effort to maximise their chances.

Down at Middle Drum, Shane Christie reported their first grilse of the year. Ian Fairley landed the 4lb fish in the Kelpie Pool on a size 10 Silver Stoat. Upstream at Park there were 9 landed for the week including a 7lb fish from the Durris Stream for Jim Reid and grilse for the John Mackie and Jim Mair. Jim Pinder’s party managed a couple and the Lawson party had 3 and 3 sea trout for their week.

The prolific Neil Stephenson added a couple more to his scorecard at Invery.

Over at Cairnton, ghillie Brian Brogan reported 3 fish on Saturday with another lost. There were two 9lb salmon to Brian himself and a smaller one of about 6lb. Of these 2 were liced and one was very fresh with the lice just off. The fish took small Park Shrimps and an old Dee favourite, the Yellow Stoat.

Grant Gibson’s party struggled with low water at Birse and managed 5 salmon and 3 sea trout for their week- all on 12-14 Silver Stoats.

Phillip Wood reported a few fish from Waterside and Ferrar. A coloured grilse for Tony Teale (apologies if surname is misspelled Tony) on Wednesday and a very fresh 12lb hen for John Forsyth. Ghillie Davie Goodfellow pitched in with a fresher looking grilse later in the week. The fish were taken on ‘shrimpy cascadey’ types of flies.

On a personal note the highlight of my working week was meeting the great Tommy Saville up at Crathie. Tommy is the man that created the wonderful Crathie fly; a pattern, which for decades has featured prominently in the late spring and summer catches on the Dee. Tommy and his lovely wife Pat shared 3 three fish and a sea trout for their week, taken of course, on a Crathie and Munro’s Killer. Tommy will be 90 in September and I look forward to congratulating him in person when he returns to the Dee later in the year.

And that as the Americans say, ‘is all she wrote.’


We had a small rise this morning (14 July), which is something. It doesn’t look like we will get much rain. There is some forecast later in the week, which may give us another lift. We really need a dump of rain to freshen things up. A biblical flood would be ideal, but I think we would settle for whatever comes. Its July, so in the absence of rain there will be prolonged bright spells, but the forecasts show some cloud. Air temperatures will range from 18 degrees up to 22. The wind looks like it will be from the South and South East. 

With the river low, the usual floating line tactics remain the first line of attack, but if that is not working get the fly down a bit. The standard hairwings will all work- Executioner, Silver Stoat, Crathie, Munro’s Killer, Yellow Stoat. Other flies to try include the Monkey- always worth a cast on the Dee, Frances, Franc N Snaelda, and various long tailed flies like the Flamethrower, Cascade, Ally’s and Park Shrimp.
Get out early!

Please send your stories, photos and anecdotes to me at I am always keen to hear from anglers directly.
Tight lines for the coming week
Ross Macdonald


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