Fishing Report 14 April 2014


 Gordon Tate with a 20lb fish from Dinnet

A total of 73 fish were reported last week, which is the same as the previous week. There is a sense of frustration up and down the river as anglers and ghillies alike, particularly on the lower river,  have struggled with little reward. Overhead and water conditions were mostly favourable last week which makes the catch all the more disappointing.  I certainly feel for those rods who have gone without any reward for their efforts and can understand their frustration.

Carlogie continued its fine start to the year with another 20 fish reported to Fishdee. Birthday boy, ghillie Sean Stanton (who must have had a tough paper round),  added to its number with a nice fish taken on a Red Francis fished deep.  Peter Lonsdale had his best week at Carlogie, with 14 to his own rod many of them sea liced. An excellent angler, Peter fishes hard and also varies his tactics ringing the changes with the depth and speed of the fly; always thinking on how best to get a take. 

Ballogie had 10 for the week and those two beats continue to buck the wider trend. Nicky Manson broke his duck with 2 fish for his three days having been on a streak of bad luck which had lasted for a number of years. Alan Lancashire, who I believe is in his 90s, gave those of us in middle age cause for optimism by landing a fish during his visit.

 It was also good to see Upper Drum get off the mark as they have worked hard for little reward this season.  Al Peak, Dinnet ghillie was delighted to tell me of a fine springer which was taken on a Monkey from the Red Brae by regular rod Gordon Tate. Gordon’s fish hit the 20 pound mark in the Mclean weigh net.


Please send your stories, photos and anecdotes to me at I am always keen to hear from anglers directly.

Tight lines for the coming week


Ross Macdonald




My reason to be cheerful this week is the full moon on Tuesday and  the attendant big tides, which will hopefully see us with a good run of fish. This week usually sees the fish in the middle river begin to migrate upstream which should benefit the upper river.

The wind is expected to come from the  south and west this week; there is still and edge to it though.  Daytime air temperatures are expected to be up to 14 degrees. Water temperatures remain around 7-9 degrees (44-48 degrees).  Anglers will have mixture of good cloud cover during the week, with brighter  overhead conditions forecast for later in the week.  Water levels dropped away and if we do get some warmth in the air we may get a rise off the back of snow melt.

A two rod set up remains good advice with a sinker of some kind on one, perhaps fishing a  Francis, Sunray or Monkey deep. Rig the other rod with a floater and different tips  and smaller doubles to match water conditions. Ring the changes.

The usual flies remain Monkeys, Posh Tosh, Francis and Franc N Snaelda tubes. For doubles, fish your own favourites which might include Silver Stoats, Flamethrowers, Park Shrimp, Cascade, Munro’s Killer. As ever, the ghillies will suggest the best options on the day.



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