River Dee Fishing Report 24 February 2014

A total of 55 fish were reported to FishDee this week and again the bulk of them were from the middle river. However, it was good to see some lower river beats get off the mark – Kingcausie, Lower Crathes and Invery all reported fish on Tuesday.

Karl Revel, ghillie at Invery sent me an email. He said “Martin Allday from London caught Invery’s first fish of the season on Tuesday.  This was also Martin’s first ever salmon, a lovely 10lb hen which took his 11/2 inch Comet in the Jetties. This fish was netted by his good friend Colin Longmore who has fished our beat for almost 30 years. When Colin arrived on Monday morning he told me that his party’s sole aim for the week was for Martin to catch a fish and his success was happily welcomed and celebrated by all”.

I also got a call from Eoin Smith at Dess to tell me they had caught a fish out of the Dess burn! The river was over 5 feet at the time and the fish had moved out of the river and into the burn for shelter. I have posted a photo of the fish being played in the burn. Eoin said this was totally unprecedented.

Other notable catches were Craig Fleming fishing at Carlogie where he landed his first ever February fish from Fraser’s pool.  This was his 4th year of trying and after he lost a fish on Thursday he didn’t think he was going to do it this year either!

Graham Paul fishing at Commonty had a great day on Saturday, landing a total of 3 fish for his day – one from the Ripples pool, which was his first Dee salmon and weighed 12lbs and then two more in the afternoon from the Burnmouth pool.

With the upper river opening on Saturday and with all this high, warm water, the rods fishing the opening day will be very hopeful of a fish or two waiting in the pools for them.


A tricky start to the week after this massive spate, I saw the gauge at Potarch Bridge disappear under the water at 4 o’clock today (Sunday)! Hopefully the river will drop fast and clear to allow some fishing. The mild temperatures are set to continue till midweek then we should see a colder spell of weather.  With the river in spate and the water coloured, my choice of flies would be Cascade, Park Shrimp or something bright but as the river clears, back to the old dependable black & yellow combinations.

As always, consult your Ghillie – he will know where the fish are likely to be in high water but try the inside of a bend or any bays along the banks as the fish will lie close in out of the main current.

Please send any news, fishing anecdotes or photographs to me Sean Stanton at seantheghillie@btinternet.com

Sean Stanton

New River Dee Paddler and Angler Guidance has been created by the Dee DSFB, Aberdeenshire Council and the Scottish Canoe Association and can be read here:





Peter Noble with a fish from Little Blackhall

Craig fleming

Craig Fleming with his 1st ever February fish

Fish in Dess Burn


Fish in Dess Burn

Sean Stanton with Jeremy Clayton's fish from Dess


Sean Stanton with Jeremy Clayton’s fish from Dess



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