River Dee Fishing Report 17 February 2014

Another great week for the middle river but a disappointing one for the lower river again!  With the temperature of the river between 37-39º the fish just seem to want to run through the lower part and rest when they get to the middle.  The middle river had some great catches with a total of 54 salmon reported to FishDee.

The Ballogie beats finished with 23, Kincardine and Dess with 10 a-piece.  Some notable decent-sized fish were reported – Jim Fisher (Carlogie) and Eoin Smith (Dess) both landed 18lbers on Monday and James Hobkirk (Ballogie) had an 18lber on Saturday.

I visited Jeremy Clayton, proprietor at Dess Fishings, to present him with the box of Franc N Snaelda’s he won on opening day for catching the largest fish. As I arrived, I was able to help land a nice fish from Rossachs for Jeremy. A big thank you to Jeremy’s wife, Jenny, who ran all the way from the house with a net for us to land the fish and was then able to take a few pictures for me.

I then received the following email from Jeremy regarding his fishing week at Dess –

“What a week we had! Only two rods fishing on any day, on Monday Ian Scott had 2 and Eoin Smith had one of 18lbs. On Tuesday I flew up and I had one and Eoin had one, Thursday I scored another, Friday two more and Eoin another and yesterday, Saturday, a beautiful 17lb fish.  We had several other pulls as well plus a couple of kelts and a couple of fresh fish getting off, so 10 fish for 2 rods!!!!!

I had heard that the spring of the Dee could be very good and this week was truly memorable – the fish were from 6 to 18lbs, fat and fit. The flies used all had Black & Yellow as recommended.”

I also received a call from Craig McDonald, seasonal ghillie at Cambus O’May, to inform me he had caught the first fish of the season from the Peter Ogg pool.  The fish weighed 7lbs and was caught on a gold-bodied Willie Gunn. It goes to show that the fish are making their way into the upper river, so fishing the upper beats is definitely worth a go.

The Ballogie Beats recorded a milestone this week with the 50th springer of the season – caught by David Hobkirk at Ballogie and it was one of 3 fish he had that day.


A more settled week is what the weather forecasters are predicting but still with wet and windy conditions all week.  With daytime temperatures between 5-7º and night-time temperatures between 0-2º, this should mean a settling river and good fishing conditions.

Again, an intermediate set-up seems to be the best choice but in the deepest pools, we had a lot of success using wet-cel 2 and tubes, but please ask the advice of your ghillie to what suits your pools best.

As for flies, the usual suspects have been working Franc N Snaelda, Black & Yellow tubes, Willie Gunn and Monkey flies mostly between 1 inch and 2 inch in size.

Please send any news, fishing anecdotes or photographs to me Sean Stanton at seantheghillie@btinternet.com

Sean Stanton

New River Dee Paddler and Angler Guidance has been created by the Dee DSFB,  the Scottish Canoe Association  and Aberdeenshire Council and can be read here:


David Hobkirk with the 50th springer from Ballogie

David Hobkirk with the 50th springer for Balllogie

Jeremy Clayton and his presentation box of flies for largest opening day fish

Jeremy Clayton and his presentation box of flies for largest opening day fish


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