Is Fishing In February for you ?

Well for some anglers the opportunity to get out of the house to look for a fresh run springer in tip top condition is an angling goal. Looking at the FishDee website and the amount of availability today made me wonder if anglers are getting soft or do they have short memories. Is it worth going out fishing the River Dee in February ? The answer is most definitely, if you can spare the time. I asked my colleagues in the office a question. What was the total catch for salmon, in the Dee, for the month of February, for the years 1995 up to 2001 ? The answers ranged from 440 to 750. Well they were wrong. The combined catch for the month of February for the 7 years 1995-2001 was 222 salmon. In 1994 the February was only 4. Now lets look at the last 7 years combined catch for the month of February which is……….1904 spring salmon. Statistically we can say there were more fish around than there were.

Now before someone says there are predators…..Lets just take heart from the work the River Board have been doing. There are now two fully operational predator scarers in the river, which should deter any eager marine predators from coming upriver. These work in an approved and humane way and are tried and tested methods used in aquaculture. The River has been running at good water levels throughout the close season and we have had a 12 foot flood a few days ago coinciding with spring tides. There should be spring fish well spread out throughout the river-perhaps as far as Aboyne. So the question is; Can you come fishing in February ? If you can then look at the FishDee Find Fishing Page. There is a lot of fishing availability in February so please book fishing and come and catch your first springer of the year.


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