Salmon Spawning

At lunchtime today I left the office with Steff Ferguson our PiP Officer to show her some of the local spawning spots close to the office. It was great weather with a low lying sun shining brightly in the water, and with the use of polaroid glasses we had a good view of what was going on. There were a number of pairs of salmon busy going about their business within 10-20 feet of where we were standing very still. Its great to see them return every year to virtually the same spawning spots give or take a few metres. I also looked at video footage from previous years and the dates are almost identical on the calendar for these locations. There’s a whole host of great River Dee viewing spots to see the fish milling around in the shallow pool tails. How gratifying it is to see these fish reach the culmination of their life’s journey where they were born a number of years ago. Here is an example, not from the Dee, of what is going on under the water right now


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