The River Dee Catchment Partnership

The Dee Catchment Partnership has been working for over 10 years to protect, enhance and restore the waters of the River  Dee Catchment. These waters include the River Dee, its tributary burns,  lochs and wetlands, as well as the habitats and species that depend on  them.

The  River Dee is regarded as one of the cleanest Scottish rivers but  impacts from a range of sources have significant collective impacts. The  Dee Catchment Partnership works towards addressing these impacts through  integrated catchment management. This is achieved by  communicating and  coordinating management practises across the catchment and providing  information and support. This integrated approach to catchment  management results in cleaner water and more stable flow levels bringing  a better environment for wildlife, less severe droughts and floods, and  an improved environment for all river users.

You can find out more about the Dee Catchment Partnership and the River Dee Trust and Dee District Salmon Fishery Board’s work with them at their very informative website


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