The two minute Interview


Stephanie Third & Pamela Esson

Stephanie and Pamela have been out doing electrofishing for the last two months and as this has come to an end I decided to carry out the 2 Minute interview which is timed. Not wanting to put them under pressure when I asked ‘can I get your picture’ they groaned and then asked ‘what for ?’

‘Ok Girls what wildlife have you seen this year ?’

‘Erm – Fish-lots of them-little ones-burst out laughing’

‘Now what else has crossed your path this summer.’

‘Oh Ken-some amazing wildlife-Lots of eagles, badgers, adders , Otters, frogs, lots of deer and a snake swimming across the river!’

‘What other exciting work have you done?’

‘Had 4 students out with Hamish, Chris, Natalie and Katherine’

‘We were stem counting Japanese knotweed on the Cowie-there was a lot of it’

‘We have done a Goosander count which is part of a planned programme of monitoring carried out annually.’

So the two minute interview came to an end and the girls breathed a massive sigh of relief-well done girls – you have worked very hard this summer.


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