River Dee Weekly Fishing Report 19th August


Many years ago a well respected Dee Ghillie said to me ‘when we have water we catch lots of fish, but when we have low water then salmon become very difficult to catch’. I have never forgotten this comment and it then leads you to another matter of consideration, are there many fish? Well the feedback from my sources suggests that there are salmon and grilse coming in on high tides but they are not being captured in good numbers; salmon fishing can be a fickle sport at times. FishDee beats have reported 70 salmon and 13 sea trout for the past week. Park reported 11 with Ballogie and Crathes reporting 5 apiece. In low water angling effort is considerably reduced and with the fine summer weather there are a lot of other attractions in Deeside that visiting anglers take the time to go and visit, perhaps concentrating their fishing effort to a few hours in the morning and evening.

Correspondence has come this week from Clive Miles commenting ‘Hi Ken, I wanted to share another excellent week with you and the FishDee website.  Our hosts, Leslie and Geoff Lockett both took several fish between    them, the highlight being Lelly’s fish caught with a full audience on Lummels Pool.  The core guests (including 6 kids and 3 dogs!) were Colonel Angus and Rachel Philp, Patricia and Clive Miles staying at Ballogie    House – fantastic accommodation and just a short trip to the beat. Geoff caught a fresh 5lbs fish on a Silver Stoat, 10lbs stale fish on a Pot Belly Pig and 2 Sea Trout, Clive caught 3 fish, all fresh, 6.5lbs, 21lbs    (his record to date), 6lbs and 1 Sea Trout all from Lummels, all on Park Shrimp!  Embarrassingly, he also lost 2 fish in Irrigation on a Silver Stoat.  Colonel Angus took a Sea Trout for the week. A fantastic week on    Aboyne – thank you so much to our wonderful hosts and all those on Deeside who make it such a great community for a family Holiday.’ I asked Clive if he could provide information about the 21lb salmon and he advised’    21lbs cock very slightly coloured, measured rather than weighed, caught at approx 0930 on Monday morning, floating line, really gentle take followed by a steady fight using the faster water to put the pressure on me    when playing it.  I was determined to release in the water and was by myself when I caught the fish, so no photo, just measured from butt to join 1 on rod.’


Leslie Lockett with a grilse from the Lummels

Please remember I need your help to write this weekly column, write with any news of catches or anecdotes with images to  ken@riverdee.org  Tight Lines to you all! Copyright FishDee. Ken Reid © FishDee Ltd.

SALMON & GRILSE:  Ardoe and Murtle 1, Kingcausie 2, Culter 2, Altries and Lower Drum 3, Upper Drum and Lower Durris 4, Park 11, Lower Crathes and W Durris 3, Crathes 5, Little Blackhall and Inchmarlo 1, Upper Blackhall 1, Cairnton 3, Commonty 2, Sluie 1, Ballogie 5, Carlogie 1, Dess 4, Aboyne Water 3, Aboyne Castle 1, Craigendinnie 3, Waterside and Ferrar 3, Dinnet 1, Deecastle 2, Headinch and Cambus O’May 2, Monaltrie and Lower Invercauld 4, Crathie 3,  Total 71
SEA TROUT:  Ardoe and Murtle 1, Culter 1, Tilbouries 1, Upper Drum and Lower Durris 1, Park 2, Woodend 1, Carlogie 2, Craigendinnie 1, Waterside and Ferrar 1, Deecastle 1, Monaltrie and Lower Invercauld 1,  Total 13


At this time of the year when sport is slow we need something to change for the salmon to become more responsive. Ideally a good lift in river levels brings new fish forward and gets other fish that have been    resting a while to continue their upstream migration. Ghillies are suggesting that numbers of fish this year are not as plentiful as we have enjoyed the last few seasons during our wet summers. Will we see any    significant change for the week ahead? The week ahead sees weather forecasters suggesting sunshine and some rain on Wednesday and perhaps Saturday/Sunday with an air temperature maxima of 20 degrees Celsius and    overnight lows getting down to perhaps 7 degrees Celsius. River levels have dropped back to low summer levels. The Sepa gauges are currently between 4 inches at Mar Lodge and 7 inches at Park. Tides will be building    during the week from 4.1 metres to 4.7 metres-big spring tides which should see new fish coming forward.

Always observe the sound advice offered by your Ghillie and fish the spots they recommend diligently and stealthily. No doubt small Cascades, Park Shrimps, Stoats Tail flies and red Frances flies will catch fish this    week and really make an effort to tie a half hitch to your fly and fish it more square than a conventional 45 degree downstream cast. This alters the presentation of the fly to the fish and does seem to make some    respond when they see it. Long leaders and small flies are really necessary to help winkle some out. If you need more flies or other equipment please visit Somers of Aberdeen, Orvis in Banchory, Strachan’s of Aboyne    and Countrywear in Ballater. Another must visit place at lunchtime is the Kincardine O’Neil Post office for a super range of sandwiches and fishing flies.

With the good level of rod availability on FishDee if you are considering a visit for a few days then please remember to look at the good range of accommodation on offer in the where to stay section on the FishDee    website. Remember to ask for Fisherman’s rates if you are coming in a group of 3 or more anglers for stays of 3 days or more. There is a quick online survey about hotel accommodation provision on the FishDee daily    catches page and the feedback from this indicates that anglers are very well looked after and getting excellent value for money so take advantage of what’s on offer and come and fish the Dee.

Finally an important thing for you to remember when you arrive on your chosen beat. All anglers and Ghillies are being asked to ensure anglers have their waders and any landing nets sprayed with a mild disinfectant    prior to commencing fishing, even when they are fishing different River Dee beats during their week on the river. It’s a condition of the River Dee Conservation code and must be strictly adhered to; all beats have    supplies to ensure this is carried out prior to entering the river. It’s a quick procedure that will help the river and prevent ingress of unwanted pathogens and non native species entering the River Dee watercourse.    We also want to prevent the transfer of the highly problematic ranunculus from the lower part of the river to the upper part. Please remember to write with any news of catches or anecdotes with images to  ken@riverdee.org  Tight Lines to you all! Copyright FishDee. Ken Reid © FishDee Ltd.


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