Want your permanent footprint on the history of the Dee ?

Climate change is a reality that is with us now and does have an impact on our River Dee. In the upper tributaries on hot summer days the water temperature in the summertime is reaching the upper limits for survival for juvenile fish now, and forecasts predict that water temperatures will rise a few more degrees over the next 50 years causing harm to our wild species that inhabit the Dee. We want to help the juvenile salmon and freshwater mussels in the River Dee, where the upper and middle Dee sees the progeny of spring fish being born; we need your help !


Global warming causes extreme weather patterns which cause floods which subsequently leads to damage to river banks and river bed

Many years ago native riparian woodland was removed for sheep farming and when this tradition died out many years ago native woodlands were never replaced. As a result of this river banks are far more prone to erosion during flood conditions which leads to a widening and shallowing of the river which is affected by climate change with temps recorded in excess of 20 degrees Celsius on hot days. The erosion has also led to the loss of a significant portion of the freshwater mussels which, like salmo, rely on clean cool water; what’s good for the mussel is also good for the salmon. We plan to plant up to 750,000 trees over the next few years in the upper and middle catchment to provide shading, increased leaf litter, more invertebrates and improved bank stability. By doing this we will improve the river conditions for juvenile salmon and freshwater pearl mussels. The lifecycle of the two species are interlinked with the mussel releasing its spawn which attaches to the gills of salmon. The salmon swims upstream and the spawn of the mussel drops of the gills some time later and starts a new colony of mussels.

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How can you help? Provide native trees and get your staff to come and spend a day planting with us

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We are reaching out to companies who have green policies and Community Social Responsibility projects to come and help us. We want help to obtain native trees and to plant them. We can set up tree enclosures in Deeside that can be named after the companies who have supplied and /or planted them and have any information displayed there for the company who are assisting us with this hugely important work to our landscape. Its a great project which will have far reaching benefits for Deeside, the community, economy and of course our native wildlife which is under ever increasing threat. If you are interested in adding your companies footprint to Deeside then there’s no better way than having your footprint round the base of trees you have planted. If you are interested in helping out please write in the first instance to ken@riverdee.org


The natural River Dee at Dinnet. Image supplied by Crawford Little



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