Meriel Fisher & the salmon-What a great story

I must share this lovely e-mail from proud father Geoff Fisher which I wanted to share -its a delightful story about a first ever salmon for 13 year old Meriel Fisher.

‘Mr Reid/Ken,


Good Afternoon. I’m just off the phone to Robert Harper & he suggested I send you a mail re a “Pre- Father’s Day” evenings fishing my daughter took me on last night, courtesy of Mr Hampson, at Lower Crathes & Wester Durris. My daughter, Meriel (13), wife & I travelled over to the Beat, arriving about 8 & having fished the Kelpie moved up to the Mill Pool where, despite Mum taking the net with her (not normally considered good luck!) & much laughter & giggling about stealth wading & being quiet to avoid scaring the fish Meriel successfully caught, landed & safely returned the 8lb hen fish in the pictures. The fish gave a very good account for itself but after much squealing, bashed knuckles & instructions of “keep the rod up” & “keep winding”  proud Dad managed to net the fish after its various runs up, down & across the pool. Mum was on hand (just as well she brought the net!!) to take the photo’s & remove the midgy that took a fancy to Meriel’s right ear during the fight!

Meriel Fisher 1


The Fisher “Pre-Father’s Day Evening’s Fishing Party” then moved on to the Bridge Pool, strongly considered the “Hot spot” for the evening & where just below the Hut Meriel managed to hook another fish! This fish, however after screaming downstream, did a very clever thing, it swam straight back at Meriel! Despite all efforts to wind in as fast as her little arms would let her, the fish managed to get some slack in the line & was gone!

Meriel Fisher 2


A truly memorable family evening, in a very special place.

Meriel Fisher 3


A huge thank you to Mr Hampson & my good friend Robert Harper who is always very keen to encourage the next generation of Salmon Anglers onto the River.

Meriel Fisher 4


Best Regards

Geoff Fisher


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