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Gordon Dawson

‘The directors of River Dee Board & Trust and FishDee respectfully announce the bereavement of Gordon Dawson, Chairman and Factor of the Aboyne Water Fishings Club. His funeral took place on Friday in Melrose.’

Obituary provided by Mr Tristan Sillars

Gordon Dawson – 11th November 1940 to 20th April 2013

Throughout his life, Gordon maintained a deep seated love of salmon fly fishing.  He fished in rivers and lochs all over Scotland with family and friends, with a particular fondness for the River Dee.

In 1982 he turned this love affair into a business venture, with the timesharing of the Aboyne Water Fishings on the River Dee.  Gordon was one of the first timeshare salmon fishing entrepreneurs, a concept that continues to work well to this day.  His continued selfless dedication to running the Aboyne Water Fishings Club made it an outstanding fishing syndicate, and one which he was Chairman and Factor of for 31 tireless years.

Following the success with Aboyne, Gordon went on to further successful timesharing ventures on other rivers, the next being Upper Arndilly Fishings Syndicate on the River Spey (a Syndicate Gordon’s son John continues to factor).  Next came the Laggan beat of the River Ness and finally the Smithston beat on the River Doon, an amalgamation of 3 prolific beats (Carnochan, Shankston & Smithston) which has created one of the finest fisheries in South West Scotland.

Gordon Dawson Funeral Wreath

Floral Tribute prepared for Gordon’s funeral.

Gordon is survived by his two sons, John and Christopher, daughter in laws, Solanjel and Heather, and grandson, Diego.  Both his sons are determined to remain involved in the world of salmon fishing in the months and years to come.


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