The Biggest Ever Dee Salmon from Ardoe

Salmon casts in William Browns.

The biggest ever Dee fish is thought to have been 57lb caught in 1884 by Mr C Gordon, Gillie at Ardoe & Murtle, which is mentioned in Fred Buller’s Domesday Book of Giant Salmon. Trying to confirm a weight from the annals of time is of course extremely difficult. Rumour has it that it was bigger than 57 lbs. (See note below from Malcolm Watson)

Message from Malcolm Watson about the Ardoe Fish:

There was a cast of a Salmon in William Browns in Belmont Street, the fish being caught at Drum Pool on the Friday, but not weighed until the following Monday. It was weighed in at 61 lbs. When the shop was finally closed, George Denholm sold the cast, so it probably still exists somewhere. It was reputed to be bigger than Georgina Ballantyne’s one from the Tay, but the three day wait for the weighing dropped it down below the record. If my memory serves mecorrectly, the board below the fish was marked “Caught at Drum Pool” and”61lbs”. The “Friday to Monday” information came from Tom Smith who owned the business in partnership with George.

Following on from Malcolms correspondence, Shane Christie, Ghillie at Middle Drum has today advised that the fish on the right of the image was in fact a salmon landed at the Lawson Pool at Middle Drum. He believes the cast was sold when the shop closed for £3,500. All very interesting information and it doesnt lead me any further on my quest to uncover more information about the big Ardoe fish….If anyone can provide any information about this fish then do drop me a line to


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