Pictures Request

Dear followers of the blog. I am hoping people can perhaps help me with a great project that is going on at present? I am having a series of beat films edited just now and am looking for some nice still images that we can embed onto these films. The 6-10 minutes films are beat clips shot on a number of FishDee beats during the summer and will be hosted on the FishDee website beat description pages. If you have any nice images for Dess, Kincardine, Middle & Little Blackhall, Crathes and Lower Crathes-would be most grateful if we could embed some of these. You can forward thes to  Many Thanks Ken Reid


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The FishDee blog is your website for snippets and news items coming from the riverbank from anglers, ghillies and local people who have useful news they wish to share. The supporting business infrastructure which supports angling will also be providing items of news that may be relevant to people who have an interest in the River Dee.

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