River Dee Tracking

The River Dee Trust Radio Tracking Programme

The River Dee Trust carried out a radio tagging and tracking programme through the winters of 2008/2010. This programme was a project to monitor the impact of salmon angling on late running fish into the River Dee which enabled vital scientific research to be carried out with a view to advising the DDSFB about the feasibility of an extension to the salmon fishing season. In the last year of the research some 60 salmon were radio tagged and their movements tracked.

Three local primary schools participated with the project and allowed River Dee Trust Biologist Lorraine Hawkins to visit the schools and make presentations to the school children about the migration movements of salmon in the River Dee. Each of the radio tagged salmon were named after one of the local school children and a website was set up to allow the schools, children and parents to monitor the movements of the salmon during their spawning runs. Each of the children were presented with a Christmas present on behalf of the Trust to thank them for making the project so appealing to a wide audience of eager followers. The website with all the information about the important research and migration movements of the salmon on Google maps can be found here.


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