Biosecurity in 2013

The River Dee conservation code for 2013 stipulates that all anglers on arrival to the River Dee must have their waders and landing nets disinfected prior to fishing the river. This is to prevent unwanted pathogens and non native species, disease and other nasties which can affect the wellbeing and future health of the River Dee. Fishing beats have had disinfection kits and virkon tablets ditributed where a half percent solution will be sprayed onto waders and any landing nets prior to fishing. This has been trialled at Park, Crathes and Lower Crathes beats and has been well received by anglers fishing these beats. The process can be carried out quickly by Ghillies whilst anglers are perhaps getting equipment out of the car, having coffee or reading over beat health and safety briefings. In other countries there is normally a charge to have this done however this will be provided at beats at no cost to the angler. See this information film provided.

We would urge all anglers to please support this important and neccessary step in helping protect our river and its inhabitants. A lot of work has gone in to restore fish stocks and we have some way to go to restore the river to it’s former glories. Please put personal bias aside and help us by ensuring you have your boots and net disinfected prior to fishing. If you are fishing a beat without a Ghillie you will be advised on where the disinfectant spray is to allow you to very quickly spray your wading boots and any landing net. It’s quick, efficient and really neccessary, so please help us keep the nasties out by spending a couple of minutes doing this little bit of good practise. This measure was recommended by Marine Scotland and passed by the Dee District Salmon Fisheries Board to be implemented across the whole River Dee catchment from 2013.


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