Atlantic Salmon Magic

The Atlantic Salmon Magic book is a first class salmon fishing book with glowing reviews and a must have piece of essential bedside reading for the keen salmon angler.


“Topher Browne addresses the key issues that have puzzled salmon fishers for generations: Why does a salmon take a fly? What does a salmon see? He offers answers and sometimes challenges the theories of greats such as Wood and Falkus.

The editor of Trout & Salmon described it as, “The finest modern salmon-fishing book and a must for anyone serious about salmon fishing.”

The book includes the hour long “Home for Salmon” DVD, and buy it now for £100+£8.99p&p, as an extra Christmas bonus when you add the code, DEE100BESTFREE at the check-out, you get the must have companion fly-book worth £25 absolutely free. To order by phone : call 01293 88 88 28

Click here to read more and to buy it now.


You can read more about the books here:

If 15 people or more will buy the book, we will receive a copy of the Atlantic Salmon Magic book which will be raffled or auctioned to bring in more funds for Habitat Improvement Works on the River Dee.



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