Report of a large fish capture at Ardoe and Murtle in September

On Sunday the 9th Sept 6 of us set off from Oxford shire,London and myself from Cheshire to fish the River Dee, Ardoe and Murtle beat. It was our 3rd visit to this beat and in the hotel bar that night the talk was about fishing Flies and water height. We reported for duty on the Monday morning to a river that was low I think it had 2 inches on the gauge however we not to be put off and fished hard all morning .

At lunch time in the hut we had caught 2 grilse between us so far, so after we had eaten we set off again nothing more that day. In fact nothing Tuesday or Wednesday and not many fish to be seen. We were not happy fishers and talk was about going to the pub all day or worse going home.

On the Thursday morning it was raining and cold,but we did however try again and at about 12-20 an hour after high tide I had a knock a slight pull and I was into a fish. After 15 min’s I had not seen this thing I had caught as it made short runs, went round in circles, and went into any deep pool it could find no matter how I tried all I could do was to keep cool and hang on. I was by now supported by Colin Morgan one of my fellow fisherman and at long last we did get to see the fish and after 25 min’s I had it at the bank and Colin got a tight grip on its tail. Yes we had it however we had no camera or phone between us so we measured it against my rod and returned it to the river. The fish was fresh from the tide with sea lice and looked like a bar of silver. On returning to the hut for some soup the tape measure was produced and the fish was 45 ins long and a weight of 35 lbs. What a fantastic day, a superb fish that when returned to the river swam off with all the grace that a fish like that deserves. Regards. Andrew Callaghan


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