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Pearls in Peril


Pearls In Peril :

For the Dee, this EU LIFE project will deliver £2.6 million of work, including riparian tree planting in the Upper Dee catchment to alleviate the future increases in water temperature that will arise from global warning. Restoring the riparian zone will reduce diffuse pollution and bank erosion, providing benefits to pearl mussels and salmon, as well as many other terrestrial species. The project will involve tree planting 70 km of river bank in 382 ha. The project also includes the creation of buffer strips along 45 km of tributaries in the middle Dee which will reduce diffuse pollution in this area, the removal of eight engineered structures from the Dee and delivery of a school programme focusing on the project theme.

The project is being led by SNH with English and Welsh partners. The Scottish component is financially supported by SNH and SEPA. The Dee work is being delivered jointly by the DSFB and River Dee Trust who have secured £420,620 of LIFE funding plus an equal amount of matched funding from SEPA, SNH, local partners and their own contributions. Through the employment of a Project Officer, grants will be obtained to deliver the practical restoration work.


Big Fish Caught in River Dee

This fish was landed on Monday by visiting angler Reid Hagelin fishing at Lower Crathes. The fish took the cascade tube fly only a few yards from the bank where Reid was starting to fish the neck of the Mill Pool. The fish gave the angler a real tough fight and was netted 30 minutes later at the tail of the pool by Ghillie Charles Booth. The angler advised he would never have landed the fish without the assistance of the Charles Booth who waded into the river to net the fish after it got stuck in Ranunculus weed. The fish was weighed in the Maclean weigh net and was quickly photographed for the angler and beat. Both Ghillies Robert Harper & Charles Booth were thrilled by the capture and logging it into the catch log.

This fish was landed at Borrowston beat by angler Buzz Burrell and was his very first salmon on the fly ! The fish was measured at 46 inches and the angler and Ghillie estimated the weight of this fish at 34 lbs. The fish was returned very quickly to the river after it was lifted momentarily for a photograph for the angler and beat. This great fish took a Red Frances fly fished with a gold hook which has accounted for some large salmon at Borrowston in the last few weeks. They have landed a 34lbs salmon, a 30lber, a 28 lber and 24 lber in recent weeks.

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