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Some great autumn images coming through

Following my request for nice autumn landscape images for FishDee to use as a Masthead for the site. I have received two images from good supporter of the Dee, Mr Normann Kotzurek . The dramatic change in the salmon’s physiology as they approach their spawning period in Late October-January sees them take on autumnal colouration. Pictured above is Normann and pictured below is Kolja Whejle with another nice autumn fish. Many thanks Normann.


Big Fish Capture

Message from Keith Fletcher:
On Thursday 13th on the Ardoe and Myrtle beat one of my party (Andrew Callaghan) hooked and after 25 minutes, landed a fresh fish measuring 45 inches, which acording to the Dee sizing charts equates to a fish of 35lbs.  The catch was witnessed by another member of our party.  Although the beat doesn’t report on the website I thought you might like to know, given this was a large fish by todays standards. Ardoe and Murtle will have rods on FishDee next season.

Help required

I was planning to put a new Masthead and footer image onto the www.fishdee.co.uk website now that we are coming into autumn. I wonder if anyone has a nice autumn view from the Dee that we could use on the website ? If anyone has nice images of Deeside in the autumn that they could forward to me I would be most grateful. Send to ken@riverdee.org Many thanks ! Ken Reid

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