Daily Archives: September 13, 2012

Keith and Paul-great double act !

When he’s not up to his Nicky Nacky Noos he does actually fish and fishes well ! Paul Whitehouse and Keith Cromar at Park….

Paul who very graciously opened the River Dee salmon fishing season at Ballogie this year, is a regular visitor to Deeside and a very competent salmon angler. He’s been coming to Deeside for many years and has a knack for catching big salmon. His best from the Dee is over 30lbs and most years he manages to catch one in the 20’s of pounds. We met briefly yesterday when I popped into to say hello at Park and he was in good form. Lets hope the big ones continue to take his fly and give him great sport.

Paul fighting a seriously big salmon at Park with Father Harry and Ghillie Keith Cromar in attendance

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