One that got away….

E-mail from Woodend Proprietor Miranda McHardy :

Hi Ken

Last night Andrew (our son) went down to Lower Woodend to fish with my brother George Forbes-Leith. Andrew hooked a fish, in the dark, and played it for an hour, George said there was no way it was coming in and he did not want to beach it for fear of damaging or losing it, and they had no net at this point. It got darker, George got hold of me when he found a signal and we went down with the net. It was impossible to see anything it was pitch black and whenever we shone a torch for George to see where the fish was to net it the fish scarpered off up the pool again away from the light. FINALLY George took a chance and tried to scoop it into the net as we were getting nowhere. Torch ran out of battery! and we only had a mobile… The fish fell back out as it was bigger than the diameter of the net. He had another go and tried to lift it, the handle of the net bent and tipped the net, and the fish fell back over the side free. It was Andrew’s first ever fish at Woodend and he is devastated! IT was the WORST feeling in the world he said when the line went slack and he realised the fish had fallen back into the river before he even saw it.
Its hard to tell how big it was as neither of them really saw it, the diameter of the net is 32″. George said it had a huge tail and that was about all he could see apart from the flashes of bright silver every now and again.

Probably not a happy story for your report.

The only photo I have is of George standing with a bent empty net!


Miranda McHardy
Woodend House


Oh my ! what a disappointment-to lose a big fish creates a wound that never seems to heal and these fish are always the ones that stay in your memory forever. Salmon angling can be the school of hard knocks and anglers have to accept these desperately sad moments when they come along.


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  1. What a shame…..At least you have the memory of the fight but not knowing what was on the other side would kill me. Nevermind there are a lot more big fish in the river….

  2. George Forbes-Leith

    think Andrew needs a net for christmas!!

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