Hot Lunch Deliveries-Next Spring

Planning an experimental project for next season to add value for visiting angler fishing next spring. We are looking to provide a hot 2 course lunch for anglers who book fishing through FishDee which will be delivered to Fishing beats between 12.45 and 1.15pm in and around the Banchory area. If you were having a tasty hot two course lunch delivered after fishing all morning in perhaps very cold weather, would you look forward to it and what do you think would be a fair price for a two course lunch delivered ? Would in all likelihood be hot soup, stew and spuds, chilli and rice, curry and rice, steak pie and spuds and so on. Items that would be transportable.Let me know you thoughts folks-much appreciated,


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The FishDee blog is your website for snippets and news items coming from the riverbank from anglers, ghillies and local people who have useful news they wish to share. The supporting business infrastructure which supports angling will also be providing items of news that may be relevant to people who have an interest in the River Dee.

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