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Great Sport at Lower Crathes & West Durris


Here we see a delighted James Watt from Fraserburgh with a fine 22lb salmon which he landed yesterday in the Mill Pool at Lower Crathes. Mr Watt was fishing in a small party led by Lewis Gray in this productive beat which has produced quite a number of big salmon this year. I spoke to Mr Watt after hearing about his success and asked him to provide some details to share in the media.

James commented about the capture of this fine fish. ‘ The fish was caught on the beat called Lower Crathes and West Durris on the West Durris side. The depth of water was about 2 foot six. The expert Ghillie was Chas Booth. The pool I was fishing is called the Mill pool. The succesful fly was a cascade, size 6.

Lewis Gray was fishing on the opposite bank and he had just landed a salmon.   I went into the pool and immediately got a pull.  After a few more casts the fish took the hook.   I knew it was a good fish as it went away with a lot of line right over to the other side of the river. Chas Booth had just netted Lewis’s fish and he asked me if I needed any help ? As Chas had to take his jeep and go down to the bridge to cross to my side I told him I thought I could land it myself.  After about 15 minutes I knew it was a big fish and I would have problems landing it so I asked Chas to come over and help me.  I saw its tail come out of the water and I was glad I had asked Chas to come over. I had played the fish for about 25 minutes and I was dreading losing it.   Chas came into the water with me and he netted it.   I was delighted.   He took a photo and we measured it on his net.   I knew it was the biggest fish I had ever caught – the previous fish being 20 lbs.   Absolutely fantastic feeling !’


Lower Durris Ghillie Chas Booth unhooks Mr Watts fine salmon carefully

The Lower Crathes beat has good stocks of fresh fish coming in from the tide daily and has some fabulous fly fishing pools, excellent facilities and superb Ghillie team led by Head Ghillie Robert Harper. This beat is double banked and has many good pools that can be fished by 4 rods during the late summer/autumn period. You get exclusivity and more than enough access to beautiful pools when you take fishing there and the water is by and large well rested during the day as pools are rotated by the Ghillies. Its a beat that I have enjoyed cracking sport on during the summer and autumn and can advise that there are rods available between now and the middle of October offering great opportunities for good catches. Beat info here The 4 fishermen fishing at Lower Crathes have had 12 salmon during the first 3 days this week.

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