Underwater Web Camera

Work has got underway this morning at 6.30 am to start to install an underwater web camera to provide live streaming from the river. We hope the location will be one that provides some reasonable amounts of footage of salmon and sea trout in their natural environment. Its the first time that Farson Digital have been able to fit a hemispheric camera to provide underwater footage and it is hoped that the camera will be a great media hit for all involved. The security camera used is password protected and coded to ensure it has no value to anyone trying to remove it. We hope to have live streaming from the River Dee later this week and a link shall be provided at this time to access the live streaming imagery.


Work had to be halted for safety reasons and will hopefully recommence when I can get a dive team with drilling equipment who can work in a confined space. If any divers are interested in assisting with this project I would be delighted if they could contact me at ken@riverdee.org


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