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On the River Dee catchment there are currently two web cameras providing web streaming allowing readers to see the current conditions of the river in the locations of the two cameras. There is a web camera situated beside the Falls of Feugh which provides a view of the water fall. I visited the site on Saturday to show friends salmon and sea trout making their way up through the waterfall to the upper part of the River Feugh tributary-the largest tributary of the River Dee. We saw many fish jumping the falls and saw many making their way up through the torrent to migrate upstream. Fascinating viewing from the viewing gallery located just beside the waterfall. You can access the webcam through this link . You may see fish jumping when you look in as seen in the picture I took of a fish jumping the falls in the image below.

The other web camera is located beside the iconic Potarch Bridge beside the Potarch hotel. On the south bank where the camera is located lies the Ballogie beat and on the north bank lies the Borrowstone beat. This is a very scenic spot for the location of the camera and it attracts a terific volume of viewers. You can access the on-line streaming from this camera through this link.  maintenance can be tricky when we get a large snowfall as you will see in this photograph.

We plan to install an underwater web camera to provide live streaming from the River Dee which will hopefully allow viewers the opportunity to watch salmon, grilse and sea trout migrating upriver throughout the year. We have had plans stymied twice this year to have the camera installed by a diver and the weather forecast looks not too promising for an installation on Wednesday. The crew have to undertake a 900 mile return journey to travel to Deeside and fingers crossed it will be third time lucky this year if we get the camera installed this week. This promises to provide compelling underwater viewing for visitors to the web sites where it will be accessable.


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