Wet ! Wet ! Wet !

Looking back to the earlier months of the season we were worrying that the lack of snow on the hills would perhaps mean that if we had low rainfall levels during the summer fishing would be difficult. It’s a worry we have seen alleviated by consistent cool wet weather through May, June and now into July, with no signs of any significant change. I hear now we may see up to 4 inches of rain falling on Deeside over the next few days. If we do get thunderstorm activity then perhaps we shall have localised flooding issues as the ground is currently saturated. It may be worthwhile looking into the Falls of Feugh webcamera to view spate conditions http://www.farsondigitalwatercams.com/live-webcams/scotland/Feugh/Banchory/


We are planning in having an underwater camera installed and have been waiting for some time for suitable water conditions for this to take place. The technician who will co-ordinate the work has a 900 mile round trip to Deeside. We cannot predict when conditions will be safe for a dive to take place to install the camera so watch this blog for future announcements. Keith Cromar at Park was telling me yesterday that he would love to see the water levels drop so summer fish would hold up in his pools in good numbers. Here’s hoping the jeststream moves north soon so allow high pressure to build for a period of time over Deeside. The big area of blocking pressure over Russia shows no sign of shifting and they are enduring a prolonged heatwave.


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