Big fish reported at Balmoral

I received a phone call from the estate office at Balmoral this morning advising that angler Nick James, part of the Woodward party had landed a very large fish on the beat whilst fishing. The estate factor subsequently advised that the fish was measured at 50 inches on his rod from tip of nose to tail. As Nick was on his own he had no way of taking an image of the fish and returned the fish to the river as quickly as possible as fish of this size are exceedingly rare.Mr James is a very experienced angler who advised that the fish had been in the river for around 3 weeks and was a deep fish. What a terrific experience it must have been for him giving a once in a lifetime experience. Anyone who has landed a huge fish from a river will know how difficult it is to subdue a fish over 4 foot long and weighing close to 4 stones. If the fish is boisterous and not wanting to be on the river bank it would be a nightmare just trying to unhook the fly. I am glad that the fish managed to be released to the river and perhaps another fortunate angler will get a chance to hook this magnificent specimen.


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