A Funny Request to Andrew Bradford at Kincardine

A Funny Request to Andrew Bradford at Kincardine

“The new Palace on the Bend is wonderful, and the stove was much appreciated even in early June. A barby would be nice – we might bring our own next year, if that is ok by you; otherwise it only lacks a nubile and willing wench to help pull off our waders, and maybe offer to rub lightly scented oils into our weary shoulders after a long day spent battling with huge salmon.”

“The fishing went pretty well much as usual. The girls occasionally dropped a fly into the water between bouts of gossiping, sleeping, drinking, and puzzling over some of the more purple passages of a book they’d found – 50 Shades, or some such twaddle – and they caught 5 salmon and 4 sea trout; the gentlemen applied themselves vigorously, continuously and skilfully, throwing a splendid straight line at least 45 yards on all necessary occasions, and caught 4 salmon and 2 sea trout. Despite the humiliation we would very much appreciate being allowed back next year, please.”


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