Flies for the Dee

Anglers looking to find out a bit more about popular flies used by anglers on the Dee should look into the FishDee website and look at the page flies for the Dee. http://www.fishpal.com/Scotland/Dee/FliesForTheDee.asp?dom=Pal

A nice selection of wee doubles for the River Dee tied by Ross Macdonald

There are a good selection of flies on view there with descriptions and advice on the season of the year to utilise some of the patterns. There are some really good links to Scottish fly tyers who have produced flies that do very well on Deeside. Ross Macdonald, Sean Stanton, Duncan Egan and Ron Sutherland all produce top quality salmon flies for the Dee and they are very skilled anglers who know how to design and tie a fly well. Check out the links to their websites on the page if you wish to acquire flies for your trip to the Dee.

A hugely successful fly for the Dee-The Crathie Fly as tied by designer Tom Saville


About FishDee

The FishDee blog is your website for snippets and news items coming from the riverbank from anglers, ghillies and local people who have useful news they wish to share. The supporting business infrastructure which supports angling will also be providing items of news that may be relevant to people who have an interest in the River Dee.

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