The Park Shrimp

The Park Shrimp

A very successful River Dee fly -The Park Shrimp as tied by inventor Ross Macdonald.

I recall discussing the make up of what I thought would make a great fly with Ross Macdonald and he went away and made some of these flies to try out. They had their first freshwater trials at Park when I went for a cast down the Durris stream at Park and took 5 salmon between 12 and 18lbs that Saturday morning. I then took them for another series of trials at Park the following Monday and was delighted to land 6 salmon including a 28 lber, 22lber and 20 lber along with 3 others between 4 and 15 lbs. I was quite excited about how well these flies were doing and told Park Estate proprietor John Foster who was keen to call the flies the Park Special. Ross Macdonald who designed the fly decided to take the honour himself and duely named it the Park Shrimp. I recall having 78 salmon to that pattern the following season including a day of 26 from the Upper Varzuga river in Russia. It’s a very attractive fly with fantastic mobilty; even in low slower flows. Famed Tay Ghillie Jock Monteith remarked when he saw the Park shrimp in the river beside a Cascade shrimp ‘ It’s just like cheating !’ This wonderful fly that Ross designed has gone on to become a very successful pattern having success with big salmon all over the world. Well known salmon expert Crawford Little remarked it is big fish fly with Jim Fisher landing a salmon in excess of forty pounds in Norway.

Available to buy from the inventor himself here.



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